Halifax Bomber - Restoration & Rescue Event

Saturday, Sep 18, 2021 at 10:00AM

Bomber Command Museum Canada

The international recovery and salvage teams of Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada), Bomber Command Museum of Canada, Swedish Coast and Sea Center, and the River Thames Association of Denmark are very pleased to make the following announcement for 2022 about our “3 Nations Team” plans for the continued underwater recovery of RCAF and RAF Halifax bomber HR871 off the south coast of Sweden.
With all the successes of our recent initial recovery operations from August 1 to 15 this summer we called a Team meeting just before returning to our respective countries and our decision was 100% GO !
The “3 Nations Team” will continue their operations to recover all of Halifax bomber HR871 in the summer of 2022, with target dates for the recovery to be from June 26 – July 10, 2022.
The River Thames is a great vessel and recovery platform for our salvage work and it has been donated to the project by owner Gustav Frederiksen and the River Thames Association, with only hard costs of fuel to be paid by Halifax 57 Rescue, which is being funded by donations from Canadians and other nations.
Swedish Coast and Sea Center are providing the majority of the manpower of divers to do the recovery work but several of our divers are from Denmark too. There has been great response to our requests for divers to work on the Halifax and they are all volunteers taking time off to help us save history. All food –fuel for the divers, is being paid by Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada).
We have a great home port, the Port of Trelleborg who are supporting us with donated full port services as we save Halifax history.
Over the past 3 weeks, day by day, we of the “3 Nations Team” have brain-stormed, innovated, and persevered to do this most special work on the Halifax. We now know it is paying off with great rewards of special rare sections and parts of Halifax being saved for the Bomber Command Museum of Canada, who are restoring a Halifax bomber as an international memorial aircraft using parts from all over the world.
These diver innovations have shown successes including massive sand removal around the Halifax with our special pumps and water lines, special underwater tooling to do detailed work of detaching Halifax parts, which are being lifted up to the decks of our salvage vessel River Thames, utilizing our special heavy-lift hydraulic crane on deck.
Also, the diver “underwater detective work” has been rewarding and challenging as our determined divers keep finding Halifax treasure UNDER the sand that has been hiding for 78 years at the Halifax crash site.
The URGENT request for the Halifax Project in 2022 is we will be needing many divers and much more funding from people’s donations to keep going so we can finish this great historical work and project. We have spent over ($50,000. CAD) this summer!
All divers who work for us are volunteers who apply and are accepted by SCSC to work on our project. We hope divers will volunteer to be with us in 2022.
Contact SCSC.
We hope that people in Canada, Denmark, and Sweden will support us and donate as private citizens with funding donations OR Corporations in Canada-Sweden-Denmark will support us with their services and expertise.
REMEMBER also, shipping costs to Canada of tons of Halifax parts recovered must be paid for by Halifax 57 Rescue. This must be covered in the coming weeks and months as we continue the expensive rebuild of our Halifax back in Canada!
See our FUNDRAZR website (below) to DONATE.
We are “pressing on regardless….”!

Major web sites and FACEBOOK Pages – Groups
www.coastandseacenter.se https://www.facebook.com/SwedishCoastandSeaCenter/

Main history and video site about our Halifax project: https://www.timekeeperscanada.com/airpllanehunters-org

RIVER THAMES Association - https://www.facebook.com/groups/879006655764545
Best story on RCAF Halifax HR871:

KARL KJARSGAARD – Project Manager – Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) – karlkj@rogers.com +1 403 603 8592
JAN CHRISTENSEN – Diving Leader – Swedish Coast and Sea Center (SCSC) – jan@wrecks.se +46 720 803 042
ERIK SKOG – President SCSC – erik@skog.se +46 706 370 421
Gustav Hans Frederiksen – Owner-Skipper – River Thames Association – gustav@dasboot.dk +45 412 173 08


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